ACT Prep Videos Designed to Help Students Conquer the ACT

Mally A.C.T. has helped thousands of students across the country reach their goals on the ACT, and we want to help you do the same.

Since opening our doors in 2006, Mally A.C.T. has helped thousands of students all across the country get into the colleges of their dreams by providing them with tips, tricks, and strategies to crack the ACT®.

With over 500 years of combined educational experience, our diverse staff of over 20 tutors has developed easy-to-implement strategies to make the ACT® more manageable for students, improve timing, and reach their goals.

Our subject-specific ACT® prep videos are 40-60 minutes long each and are designed to provide students with a basic foundation to help conquer the ACT®. Complete with example questions that are from actual ACTs® that have been administered in the past - not questions similar to that of the ACT®, and not questions that we came up with - students will become more familiar and comfortable with the material, and ultimately feel more confident walking into the test.

Here's a taste of what you can expect from our videos with this snippet from our English ACT® Prep Video.

See why students and parents love Mally A.C.T.

"Mally A.C.T. worked with our three children, all are different learners. They were able to meet each child’s varying learning needs to prepare them for incredible ACT® scores. It was a great return on our investment!"

- Cathie Fritz, Google Review

"I had my son do ACT® tutoring here and he increased his score by 9 points! The professionalism and record keeping is outstanding. The practice tests and sessions are on point. Individual instruction from the same tutor is great because there is consistency. I also love that tutoring takes place in an office setting and not a coffee shop with people walking in and out all the time. My daughter just started her tutoring and am happy to be back."

- Jennifer Teper, Google Review

"Loved this experience. My student improved 4 points with the recommended sessions! Totally doable for my 16 year old. Thank you so much ;)"

- Amanda Richie, Google Review

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